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About Me

The face behind Beau-Therapy & beau-babies ~~ Gemma

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With an NHS background, I decided it was time for a new passion in life, a new challenge that would reignite my spark and enthral me.

Having had joyful pregnancies & labours with both my boys but struggling with back pain throughout, I looked in to pregnancy massage but there didn’t seem to be any local massage therapists & I never had the time to arrange a massage consultation out of town. This lingered with me for a few months after having my 2nd son then I had a light bulb moment... “I shall endeavour to specialise in pregnancy massage!” But of course such qualifications don’t just fall in to ones qualify in pregnancy massage you require level 3 Beauty Therapy...

I was introduced to a level 3 beauty therapy course at a reputable Beauty Academy...being on maternity leave at the time I immediately applied for the course and was forward 7 months; immense concentration, commitment and sacrifice I celebrated my sons first birthday and the return to my NHS role with level 3 Beauty Therapy status. Being back at work a mum of 2, wife etc was a busy time...having searched a few pregnancy massage courses I applied & completed the Pregnancy Massage training at Orchid Massage Academy on 5th February 2017!!

Excited & enthusiastic to start my new career I started putting in to place all my plans...not realising one of my plans would come true quite so soon, I fell pregnant with my baby girl!! I then decided to postpone my plans & to enjoy my 3rd pregnancy whilst reminding myself “all good things come to those who wait”.

After returning to my NHS role in March 2019 I was again back to being a busy mum, wife (superwoman) etc.
Before I knew it the dust was settling and I was concentrating on getting my show on the road...but who knew a crazy pandemic was lurking which would set my dream back a year & we’d have to endure 3 national lockdowns. 2020 and it’s rollercoaster of emotions has most definitely taught me to keep going no matter what... “If you want it you must will it, if you will it, it will be yours”.

Baby Massage has been a dream of mine for a good year or so now. Being a mum of 3 and often massaging my own children either just for comfort, growing pains, aching footie legs or just because they’re being a diva really gave me the drive and push to embrace my Therapist role and extend my services to not only Mum’s and their baby bumps but also to the babies once they’ve safely graced us with their beautiful presence. Being able to aid mums with any ailments during their special time or even just providing relaxation is already so rewarding.

But being able to continue supporting mums along with their new-borns truly is a blessing!!


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