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Here you will find a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions from parents relating to
beau-babies baby massage

"Baby massage is about learning to communicate your love for your baby through touch.
You do a particular stroke...and they smile at you and you keep that forever.
A great benefit of baby massage is the bonding" - Jill Vyse

What is the right age for baby massage?

As long as your baby is in good health and there are no complex needs, baby massage can be commenced from birth.  At beau-babies, we recommend baby massage from 6 weeks old - so you, baby and your family can all enjoy the first few weeks of your 'baby bubble'.

If baby does have any health concerns it is recommended you seek advice from your health professional and get the go ahead from them before signing up to a baby massage course.

Should I feed my baby before or during class?

Baby massage is recommended when baby is in a calm, alert state, usually an hour after their feed, as not to interfere with their feeding routine or bring their feed back up. If baby requires a feed during class, that is absolutely fine you can nurse/ feed your baby, and once baby is settled you can mime the rest of the massage with your baby, or you can use 'Ethel' our beau-babies demo doll if your baby goes to sleep after their feed.

What should I use to massage my baby?

Using the right oil for massaging your baby is very important during class and once baby massage training is complete. We all know how delicate a baby's skin is, so using the right oil is a must. Using a vegetable oil that is high in Linoleic acid is highly recommended as it's an essential fatty acid that helps to protect the barrier element of baby's skin.
During beau-babies baby massage classes a bottle of organic, cold pressed Sunflower oil is provided for you to use (once patch test is completed during week 1) during class and can be purchased at the end of the course should you need anymore.
NB. if you prefer to use your own oil or have a prescribed cream to use on your baby's skin, you are more than welcome to use that.

How long is a baby massage class/ course?

beau-babies class duration is between 45 - 60 minutes, giving us plenty of time to settle in to class, learn the massage sequence and recap any movements, also lots of time to break off for cuddles, nursing, feeding or changing if needed.

The course will take 5 weeks, which will allow each body part to be massaged weekly, at a steady pace as not to overwhelm baby or parent/ caregiver.

Weekly lesson structure:
Week 1 ~ Legs and Feet ~ Sunflower oil patch test (optional)
Week 2 ~ Tummy
Week 3 ~ Chest, Arms and Hands
Week 4 ~ Face, Head and Back
Week 5 ~ Full body massage run through and certificate of completion!

"Before babies are able to speak they communicate with a world around them through touch. It is a lovely way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. Massaging your baby can also help you to strengthen your connection and bond with them that lasts a lifetime. Nurturing touch between a parent or caregiver and infant enriches psychological, social and emotional connection for the infant being massaged as well as for the parent".
Vimala McClure ~ Founder of International Association of Infant Massage

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